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The Tea Crafters (fullrosegold) copy cop

Peony Flowers represents both beauty in all forms and romance, and we guarantee you, this blend will have you charmed. Our Peonies Rosé is blended using a white tea with a bunch of florals that is a light-bodied tea that has hints of florals and lemongrass in every mouthful. The citrusy lemongrass perfectly compliments the gentleness of this blend and is something you can drink all day, everyday, without having to worry about its caffeine level.

Peonies Rosé

  • Steeping time: 2 - 3 minutes

    Serving: 1 sachet for 200ml of water

    Best served: Hot

    Preferred time of the day to be drank: Anytime

    Caffeine level: 1 / 4

    Base: White

  • White Peony Tea, Wild Peach Flowers, Peony Flower Buds, Lemon Grass