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The Tea Crafters (fullrosegold) copy cop

In Morocco, brewing and drinking tea is a sign of friendship and hospitality, this relationship is considered to be a tradition till today. Our Moroccan Mint tea uses a green tea base and mint leaves which make it simple-to-drink beverage that has an uplifting and refreshing feel from its cooling spearmint. Indulge in the senses of your loved ones and peers with this classic Mahgrebi Mint tea on sunny afternoons all year-round.

Moroccan Mint

  • Steeping time: 3 - 4 minutes

    Serving: 1 sachet for 200ml of water

    Best served: Hot

    Preferred time of the day to be drank: Anytime

    Caffeine level: 2 / 4

    Base: Green

  • Green tea, Spearmint