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Love your tea with a citrus feel to it? Look no further than our Mandarin Tangerine tea blend, which uses silky-orange peels and calendula flowers with a nautral oil of Tangerine, all infused with a green tea. Calendula flowers are known for its sleep inducing properties while orange peels are also known for curing headaches, which bodes well with the calming properties of a natural green tea, which make this the perfect soothing tea to have. It promises to calm your nerves and have a rather refreshing effect on you at the same time.

Mandarin Tangerine

  • Steeping time: 4 - 6 minutes

    Serving: 1 sachet for 200ml of water

    Best served: Hot

    Preferred time of the day to be drank: Daytime

    Caffeine level: 1 / 4

    Base: Green

  • Green Tea, Calendula, Orange Peels, Tangerine Extract