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Artisanal Tea Blending Workshop

Want to learn more about tea? How to properly prepare your own cup of tea? The different types of tea and their basic properties, and even how to blend your own tea? Look no further than our artisanal tea blending workshops. Catered to both the public and private corporate workshops, we do it all! We have worked with multiple organisations where we can tailor make the workshop session, for a smaller scale workshop for team bonding sessions or for a larger scale, department event.

Couples have also come to us for a private birthday workshop for their loved ones or even a group of friends planning a hen’s party, our workshop is the perfect intimate event to plan for!

During this workshop, get the chance to taste the different types of teas and experience a hands-on blending session, where you have the chance to experiment with the different tea leaves and a wide array of ingredients, to create 3 unique tea blends to bring home for yourselves!

How to Book A Workshop:


Tea Appreciation Workshop:

The best place to experience the different cultures’ ways of preparing tea. Immerse yourself in a relaxing day of both Chinese and Japanese Tea Appreciation.

During this workshop, you will have the chance to prepare a range of different Chinese tea leaves using the traditional Kung Fu Tea Ceremony method as well as to understand the little details of the Kung Fu Tea Ceremony.

On top of that, learn more about Japanese Tea Ceremony, also known as Sadō (The Way of Tea), to prepare Matcha tea and other Japanese Green teas the way the Japanese do it.

Bring home a traditional “Gaiwan” and a mystery tea at the end of the workshop.

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