The Tea Crafters' Story

From the Tea Garden to Your Cup


Be it a fanciful wedding or an intimate celebration with the loved ones, throwing in an element of elegance and something close to the heart for your big day, will always surprise and delight your guests. The Tea Crafters are able to provide the following for your wedding ceremony:


Specialty Tea Blending Bar

Our most popular option to have for your wedding day among couples. Our team will set up our ‘Specialty Tea Blending Bar’ which comes fully equipped with a range of 6 different kinds of teas and 15 unique ingredients. Your guests are able to come by, grab a uniquely customised designed tin and blend their own teas on the spot. Our team of tea experts will be on site to guide your guests in this whole process, so you won’t have to worry about a thing! Our team will design a unique label for the tins, according to your theme or personal preferences, to ensure each guests goes home with a unique, personalised memorabilia from your big day.

Free Flow Tea Bar

Have this on the side of our tea blending bar, or even a main attraction booth, that's up to you! Choose up to 4 of our artisanal tea blends, to be served to your guests during your wedding reception. Allow your guests to have a nice cuppa to sip on.

Customised Wedding Favours

Personalise your wedding favours with us, where our team is able to help design and recommend a unique gift pre-packed with our artisanal tea blends, once again, allowing your guests to take home a unique memorabilia!

Give Optimum Satisfaction to Your Taste Buds