Specialty Tea Blending Bar

Have that corporate event coming up and thinking of ways to spice it up and give it a special touch to it? Our Specialty Tea Blending Bar is a strong option to consider having at your event. It provides your guests with a fun mini activity to keep themselves occupied with and also have fun, and even bring home a unique door gift for themselves.

Our Specialty Tea Blending Bar is fully set up to include 6 different kinds of teas and 15 ingredients, where guests can create their own unique tea blends on the spot and bring it home as a memorabilia from the event. Our team of tea blending experts will be stationed on site during the event, to provide assistance to guests, such as providing expert flavour and blends recommendations if guests require. What's more, you can make add some uniqueness to this by having our team customise a design label for the packaging, to suit your event's theme accordingly.

Just name the time and place, and we'll be there!