The Tea Crafters' Story

The Tea Crafters’ Story

We source and hand-pick only tea leaves of a certain quality

Over at The Tea Crafters, we promise a fruitful, tasteful and eye-opening experience of both artisanal and oriental tea appreciation. Our company was built with the idea of reaching out to the general public and building their general knowledge and appreciation towards tea.

When our team of certified tea blenders are creating a new blend, we ensure that we source and hand-pick only tea leaves of a certain quality that pairs perfectly with the natural ingredients and flavours we work with. Be it if we’re talking about our artisanal tea blends or single-origin teas, we work with reputable tea farms in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, South Africa and Taiwan.

Apart from retailing our own creations of tea blends in the market, we also reach out to everyone of all ages through our ever popular tea blending workshops, where we want people to learn about the basics of tea, and have fun by creating their own unique tea blends.

Our company also supports corporate events, product launches, team bonding sessions, where we offer a prestige range of customisable gifts related to tea.

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