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Office: 42 Mactaggart Road, #04-02A, Singapore 368086

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About Us

The Tea Crafters is a young and driven company with passionate tea-blending specialists aiming to reach out to all tea enthusiasts as well as spread the love of tea to the rest of the world.  

Our Company was built on the concept of being unique and allowing everyone to express their uniqueness in the form of tea-blending. It is something that we want every one of our customers to know, as we sincerely believe that everyone is special in their own ways 
just as teas themselves are beautifully different as well. Teas can be considered an individualistic drink, filled with robust character and a subtle personality, just as everyone is.

We are aiming to reach out to everyone by not only offering our home-blended tea selections but to also offer everyone the choice of creating their own tea blends for whatever purpose, from our wide range of tea leaves, carefully picked from around the globe and an arsenal of ingredients to go crazy with.

Fret not, however, if you don't have to have knowledge about tea leaves to create your blend because, at The Tea Crafters, our team of professional tea crafters will guide you along every step of the way to ensure you get the best blend you are looking for.